A Few Shots of Some Really Tiny Tanks

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Modern Microarmor, Uncategorized

Lately in my gaming club, Cold War Commander has been experiencing a renaissance in popularity after a year or two with very little activity. That’s great news for me because it’s been one of my favorite games for a long time, and I missed having opponents. There’s been some talk around the club of a campaign game set in Southwest Africa circa 1975-90, and this has sparked a mini arms race, with a number of guys (including me) building their armies as rapidly as possible.

A friend of mine has a much better camera than mine, and this past weekend, he took some photos of some of my tanks, so I wanted to post them.

First up, here are a few of my Angolan T-54/55s. I got the camo scheme by googling up pictures of Angolan tanks of that period, and came up with a scheme I liked:

Next up, same pose, different dress. These are my Egyptian tanks from my 1973 Mechanized force.

This next one is a Soviet-made BM-21 rocket launcher in plain green color scheme. This one will go into my Angolan army, and I’ve already got a couple for my Egyptians. If you play Cold War Commander, you really need to get a couple of these for your Soviet-style armies. They will bring to the table a barrage so intense it will call to mind the phrase, “hard of hearing”.

This next stand has appeared here before, but it looked so nice with my friend’s camera that I just had to post it again. It’s El Mero Mero, the CO of my Colombian Lancero force. You can really see the camo on the men this time.


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