Russian Civil War Personalities

Posted: September 3, 2010 in Russian Civil War, Uncategorized

Here are a few shots of some of my 28mm Russian Civil War officers and other personalities. To start us off, it wouldn’t be the Russian Civil War without the Czar and family, now would it? These four figures are all from West Wind productions:

Next up are some of the White Russian officers. From left to right are two White officers from Brigade Games, a Copplestone German mercenary (now serving as a czarist officer), and a Copplestone White Russian officer.

Here are two White cavalry officers. man on the left is from Old Glory, converted so that he’s holding a pistol now instead of a sword, and the man on the right is a Copplestone cossack. The cavalryman’s pistol, by the way, is by Cannon Fodder. They are great for conversions because they include the whole hand, and are well detailed:

This next one just happens to be my favorite officer figure, and is by Copplestone. I just like the pose very much, and the nice smooth lines. Great figure:

Here are couple of members of a White general’s, staff/entourage. Not really members of the army, as you can see. We’ll call them advisers. Or assistants. Either way, I’m sure they both have very important roles to play in boosting the general’s morale. The woman on the left, we’ll call her simply “Natasha”, is from Copplestone, and the Orthodox priest on the right is from Brigade Games:

Next up are the Bolsheviks. These four officers are all from Copplestone. The one on the left is actually the same figure as the third man, but was converted with a head swap with a German. I did this partly to add some variety (I hate seeing identical figures in my armies) and partly because I wanted to get one or two coal scuttle helmets in my army:

This next one is a cavalry officer from Eureka Miniatures. He’s 25mm, and so is a little smaller than most of my Bolsheviks, but the rearing horse disguises that a bit.

Here is another converted figure, a Copplestone head on a Copplestone body.

Another Copplestone Red officer. Can you tell I love Copplestone? Well, I do.

This one is a naval officer, also from Copplestone:

These next two are commisars, again by Copplestone:

These next two are not really personalities, unless you’re the type that talks to your car. The first is a resin Austin-Putilov kit by Old Glory built straight from the box. I can’t remember where I got the decals from, but they are actually meant for aircraft. I thought they looked pretty good on the armored car, though:

Since the Whites had an Armored Car, I had to give one to Reds also. But, at the time I was building this, there weren’t many armored cars available, and I didn’t want to just give them another Austin Putilov. So, what to do, what to do….

That’s when it occurred to me that the Bolsheviks scratchbuilt a lot of their armored vehicles, so I should do the same. I started with the chassis of a Lledo toy of a Ford Model T truck. Then I built the armor plating with sheet styrene. Rather than build a movable turret, I gave it a fixed cupola with a machine gun barrel sticking out. To give the car all-around firing capability, I stuck machine gun ports on both sides, so the thing is bristling with Maxims. I like the look of rivets rather than welds, so to get that look, I applied small drops of glue and let them dry. And since it was (supposedly) built in a shipyard with whatever materials were on hand, I painted it a navy gray. The Star decals also came from an airplane kit:

  1. Jim Pitts says:

    Nice looking figures and armored cars!

  2. Scott says:

    Very nice work!!! Painting some Copplestone reds and whites right now. Thanks for the inspiration.

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