Future War Insurgents in 28mm

Posted: September 22, 2010 in Sci-Fi, Uncategorized, Zombies and Post Apocalypse

In the movie Casablanca, Bogart’s character, Rick, always finds himself fighting on the side of the underdog, and I think I know why. There’s just something about a rag-tag bunch of poorly armed amateurs standing defiantly against the bad guys, with nothing on their side but grit and determination.That’s why I put together this group of freedom fighters to play skirmish games set in the near future. Everyone else seemed to be going for high-tech troops equipped with jet packs, body armor and laser blasters, so I went the opposite direction. Sure, they are at a disadvantage against their better-armed opponents and frequently pay the price, but it’s so satisfying when they do manage to strike a blow for the poor and oppressed. Plus, they can also serve as a post-apocalyptic band of scavengers or as a group of zombie outbreak survivors if I need them to.

Most of the figures below are made by Copplestone, from their Future Wars range, but there are also figures by EM-4, Pig Iron Productions, Hasslefree, and Khurasan Miniatures.

First up is the boss of the whole operation and the medic. Both are Hasslefree figures, and the medic was converted by replacing a pistol in her left hand with the bag of medical supplies:

Next up are two of the subordinate leaders, both by Copplestone. In my little hierarchy, the leaders wear helmets because it makes the easier to spot on the tabletop:

Here is the sniper, which is a Khurasan figure:

Here are the light machine gunners, both by Copplestone, though I did modify one of the figures by adding a bipod to his weapon:

These are the missile teams. Each figure is attached to a double-sized base with magnets, so that I can move them as a team or separate them as needed. The figures are by Pig Iron, but the heads are from various manufacturers:

Next, we come to the scouts, who perform a vital yet dangerous job. Two of them are by Hasslefree and the rest are Copplestones. When I originally ordered the two from Hasslefree, I discovered that they were very small standing next to those big, burly Copplestone partisans. They really looked they were a different scale altogether, so I decided that these insurgents use kids as scouts.  Carrying  cell phones (or their future equivalents) and pen-sized target designators and armed only with easily concealable pistols, they blend in with the crowds of civilians in order to get close to the enemy. In the games I’ve played, they usually die in a hail of gunfire, or plasma blasts, or poorly-targeted artillery strikes. Yes, I know. I’m going to hell for this.


And last but not least are the grunts, armed only with a rifle of some sort and the kind of determination borne of desperation. Most of these are Copplestones, but there are a few EM-4 figures in there as well:


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