Angolan Army for Cold War Commander

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Modern Microarmor, Uncategorized

Last fall, several of the guys in my game club talked about starting a campaign game set in Angola during the 1980s using CWC rules. For one reason or another, we never seemed to get the campaign off the ground, but I did paint up some units for it. Hopefully, we’ll take another stab at it, and when we do, my troops will be ready.

First up are a pair of BM-21 rocket launchers. I love rocket launchers in Cold War Commander, and try to get as many as I can in each battlegroup:

Next up are some T-72s. The bulk of my armored units are actually T-54/55s, but I did not get any photos of those:

Next are the command units. They are made up of BTR-152 (command version) and UAZ-469 jeeps:

Everyone knows an army doesn’t travel on its stomach. It uses trucks, and here are the Angolan army’s:

Next we have the infantry. First up are the militia troops. Not so well trained and not so well uniformed:

Finally, we come to the regular infantry. Purists will probably point out what’s wrong with the uniforms. The truth is, I really didn’t know what an Angolan infantry unit would look like in the field, so I totally winged it. But I wanted those red berets to make them easier to spot on the table. Besides, I like red berets.


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