The Mexican-American War in 28mm

Posted: April 11, 2013 in Black Powder Era, Uncategorized

In recent months, I began a project to expand my two Mexican-American War armies to be able to field at least a corps per side. I hadn’t really settled on a set of rules to use with them exclusively, so I based all the infantry on 40mm x 40mm squares, which seems to be a fairly universal basing scheme for this period. Now, as the two sides have grown bigger than a division each, I’ve begun to add terrain features for the period and I’m considering putting on a convention game with them later in the year, but we’ll see how that goes.

First up are some Mexican line infantry. These are all Old Glory except for the officer in the broad-brimmed hat, which is by Cannon Fodder. Notice I still haven’t added flags yet.

Mexican Infantry I

The next regiment is made entirely of Cannon Fodder Miniatures. These are actually from the Texas Revolution period, about 10 years previous, so they are wearing the old style shakos. My rationale for allowing this is: A) the Mexican army suffered from severe equipment shortages and not everyone got what they needed, so it seemed plausible that a regiment might hang on to their old equipment for a while. B) The figures are great, from a company that is sadly no longer active. They had to go in.

Mexican Infantry II

Next up are some Mexican leva (levies). In addition to the regular army, which consisted of permanente (permanent or regular) and activa (reserve), there was also the option to levy local troops for short-term emergencies. These were not well-equipped at all. I have represented them by putting most of them in civilian clothes with only a few in pieces of uniform. The ones pictured are nearly all Old Glory, although my leva units include a few 1st Corps and Dixon figuresas well. The priest holding the cross is actually a Eureka figure, which I thought would be the perfect addiction to exhort the campesinos to resist the invaders. Sorry about the fuzzy photos. I will try to get some better shots included in the future.

Mexican Leva III

Mexican Leva I

Next are some US regular infantry. All of these are Old Glory figures:

US Infantry II

US Infantry I

Here are some US artillery teams, also Old Glory.

US Artillery

Finally, here are some Texas Rangers, but these could also stand for volunteer cavalry from other states, or possibly filibusters in a pre-war scenario. These are all Old Glory:

US Cav I




US Cav V



  1. briansmaller says:

    Very nice. A lot of people knock Old Glory but they make figures that are fun to paint and look pretty damn good on the table top. You have done a great job with these.

  2. looking for sailors of Mexican war

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