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The Punic War at Sea

Posted: December 4, 2013 in Ancients, Uncategorized

These are some 1/600 scale galleys I painted a few years ago. All of them (I think) are from Xyston, and my goal was to create two fleets – One Roman and one Carthaginian. I apologize for the shots being somewhat blurry:




I decided to leave off the sails and main masts, as these would have been removed before going into battle. I wanted the ships to look as they would during the middle of a fight. To differentiate the two sides, I went with different color schemes, although I’m not aware that the actual combatants really ever did this. The Roman ships include a lot of red, and the Carthaginians have white on their bows. To identify the individual ships, I made name tags. The Roman names came from a list of actual Roman ship names I found on the internet. The Carthaginian names are simply the names of gods and goddesses in their pantheon.




As you can tell, there are several sizes of ships, ranging from the tiny Roman liburnae up to a huge heptereme. There are also a couple of merchant sailing vessels, which can represent any side.