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Canaanites and Sea Peoples

Posted: August 22, 2014 in Ancients, Uncategorized

After putting together my Dark Age forces on Impetus-style bases, I realized that I really like the look of them, and so I decided to base the rest of my ancients the same way. I like the consistency of having them all based the same way, and I can use them for a variety of different rules. Right now, one of the rules I play is Hail Caesar, and this works just fine for that. I’m also thinking that I can adapt the Dux Bellorum rules for other periods, so this should work either way.

The first of the ancient units I based this way were my Canaanites and Sea Peoples. Eventually, I’ll get my Egyptians finished to join them. First up is the Canaanite king and retainers. This could also serve as an elite unit of household spearmen. All of the figures in this unit are Wargames Foundry.

Canaanite King's Guard

And here is a unit of ordinary spearmen. These guys are by Cutting Edge. I really like the Cutting Edge figures, but I found that they don’t all match up well with the Foundry Canaanites. They tend toward the small side in comparison.  The army looks just fine if I segregate them into their own units, however:

Canaanite Spearmen I


Next up are some Canaanite skirmishers, a unit of slingers and a unit of archers. These are all Cutting Edge. I’m putting the skirmish units on bases with half the depth of other units in order to distinguish them.

Canaanite Slingers

Canaanite Archers


If I want to use these to play Dux Bellorum, I have to have something to represent leadership points. Rather than using poker chips or dice to mark them (which I hate), my solution is to use command figures, as I pointed out in the Arthur Rex posts. I think it looks more “organic” on the table that way. I made up several for both armies, and they can double as command units when playing with another set of rules. Here are some of the Canaanite leadership points,all of which are Foundry figures. I put them on square bases to distinguish them from the casualty markers.

Bronze Age Leaders


And here are the casualty markers. Most of these are from the Old Glory Trojan Wars casualty pack but converted with head swaps.

Bronze Age Casualties

Now we come to the Sea Peoples invaders. The first unit is mostly Old Glory (One has a head swap and is waving his helmet). The rest are primarily Foundry, with a couple of figures from MDS scattered around.

Sea Peoples Infantry II

Sea Peoples Infantry I

Sea Peoples Infantry III


Last up are the Sea Peoples’ chariots. I had some chariots already in the lead pile just begging to be used for something, and I bought a bunch of crew members for them. I used Castaway Arts because they were the only figures I could find with a small enough stance to fit into those narrow cabs.

Sea Peoples Chariots