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Early Saxon Warband

Posted: December 4, 2014 in Ancients, Dark Ages

This is a continuation of my Dux Bellorum project. After having completed the Sub-Roman British, I’ve now moved on to the dreaded Saxons. 

First up is the warlord himself, along with his companions. Surrounded by his fiercest and most trusted warriors, the warlord has struck down another enemy. To his left, his scop weaves a verbal tapestry of obscene insults aimed at the enemy nobles. To the warlord’s right, his wizard casts spells to confuse and frighten the enemy.

Most of these are from Gripping Beast, but the wizard and scop are by Musketeer. Rather than use banners, I decided to go with animal skulls as standards. As one of the last pagan german tribes, I wanted to give the Saxons a primitive look to contrast them with their sub-Roman enemies. I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate from a historical standpoint, though.

Saxon Warlord I

Saxon Warlord II

Next up are the “noble warriors”. These would be the Gesith or possibly the Duguth warriors, with better armor and more experience than the average men. These are also from Gripping Beast:

Saxon Gesith I

Saxon Gesith II


A bit further down the totem pole are the “ordinary warriors”. These are by far the most numerous troops in the Saxon force, but so far I’ve only got a few units finished. They are a mix West Wind, Old Glory and Musketeer figures:

Saxon Duguth I - Copy

Saxon Duguth II - Copy

I’ve given my Saxon army two skirmisher units armed with bows. In my basing scheme, I’m putting skirmish units on smaller bases. (120mm x 40mm, as opposed to 120mm x 80mm for non-skirmish units). These are all Musketeer figures:

Saxon Skirmishers


Finally, I’ve made a unit of “fanatics”. As stated in the Dux Bellorum rule book, there isn’t much historical evidence for their existence, but gives the player the option to have a unit of them anyway. That’s good enough for me, and I figure that I can always opt to play them as ordinary troops if I want to. These are Gripping Beast with a couple of Old Glory figures. I did a slight bit of converting on one of the men in the rear to have him swinging a victim’s head.

German Fanatics


The next army in this series will be the Picts, which I’m painting at the moment. I’ll be sure to post photos of those after I’ve finished a few of units.