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To go along with my growing Dark Age forces, I decided to make a “town” terrain feature for the boys to fight over. But I thought that if I made it look like a small section of a full-sized town, it would just look too unrealistic. Towns are big, sprawling things and you’d need at least a full table for it to make sense visually. But I thought a single homestead would make more sense on the table and still convey that this is “urban” terrain.

I consider this a kind of first draft of a terrain piece. I’m looking at it and seeing things I’d like to improve. So, I still may make some changes or additions to it.

I started with a piece of thin plywood that measured 24″ x 12″, and I sanded down the edges so they wouldn’t appear so obvious when set up on the table. I glued down the outer wall, which is made from two packs of Renendra picket fences. I tried to set it up in such a way that I could comfortably place my infantry units along the edges to defend it. Then I painted it and added ground cover. The two structures are resin dark age buildings by Gripping Beast. I placed them both on their own bases so that I can remove them when troops occupy the terrain feature.