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Just a quick post to show my first unit of zombies that will be part of my undead army for Dragon Rampant. These will go together with the undead units shown HERE.

The bulk of the figures come from Mantic Miniatures Kings of War range, but I wanted to make them conform better with the Arthurian Age world of my historical miniatures. To do that, I’ve added a few bits and pieces from some other figures I have, mostly from the Gripping Beast plastic range. I wanted to have a few helmets, swords and clothing from some of the various nations of that period, but I tried not to go overboard with it. You be the judge of whether it works or not, and I do welcome critiques. I’m also using the same basing scheme as my historical armies, although obviously this one still needs to be flocked.

Dragon Rampant Zombies Front Dragon Rampant Zombies Rear


Also, here is the necromancer from the last post. This time, finally based.  If you’re playing DR, this little army will have the necromancer (Heavy Missiles + Summoner, Single-Figure Stand), three zombie units (Ravening Horde + Fear), and the vengeful spirits from last post (Elite Foot + Flying, Reduced-Figure Stand).



DR Necromancer I DR Necromancer II


I consider myself more of a fan of historical gaming rather than fantasy, for the most part. But, having been a fan of Dan Mersey’s Dux Bellorum and Lion Rampant rules, I just had to get a copy of Dragon Rampant as well. Of course, I had to build an army to go along with it.

I wanted to get an army that would be compatible with my existing Early Dark Age army in terms of basing as well as period “feel”. This would not be easy as most fantasy figures look like they belong in a later period, such as medieval or later Dark Age, i.e., after the Vikings  show up. I settled on an Undead army to start with because I figured that I could go with zombie for the bulk of the warband and blend in a few period-specific elements like shields and helmets. We’ll see how the zombies turn out in a later post, but for now, here are a couple of my first units.

The first up is a unit of “Vengeful Spirits”. For those of you following along with your Dragon Rampant rule books, these guys are Elite Foot with the added attribute of Fear.

Undead I

Undead II Undead IIIThe spirit at front and center is a Reaper Bones figure and the two others are metal Reaper figures, while the gravestones are from Renendra. I debated whether to base them individually or on a multi-figure base, but decided on the latter. It fits with the basing scheme I’ve been using with my other Dark Age stuff, and I really like the freedom to create mini-dioramas that the larger bases give me. Obviously, this is what the rule book calls a “reduced model unit”, since there are only three of them, but I think a unit of ghosts looks better with fewer figures.

Next up is my Necromancer, although he still needs to be based. He, too, is a Reaper Bones figure.

Necromancer I

If you’ve never painted any of the Reaper Bones figures, it takes a little getting used to because they are soft, bendy plastic. But the detail is good and they take the paint well, so I’m hoping that the material translates into more durability on the tabletop. For his base, I’m planning a somewhat largish vignette showing him raising an undead thrall from the grave. I’ll post a photo of it when I’m done.

For the rest of the army, I’ve bought a big pile of Mantic plastic zombies and I’m currently in the process of mixing them with some Gripping Beast plastic parts as well as a few metal figures here and there. My goal is to make it look like it includes dead men from all four of my current armies: Roman, Sub-Roman British, Saxon and Pict. Fortunately, the Mantic zombies come with extra heads which will add a little uniformity to the whole mob. We’ll see how well it turns out, and I’ll post pictures of that when it’s ready.

The Archbishop and the Ogre

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Fantasy, Uncategorized

To start off 2012, I thought I’d post a few shots of a couple of figures I did not too long ago. The ogre is a Reaper figure. It is on a somewhat odd-looking base because I had originally intended him to be a giant for a 10mm orc army, and I wanted the basing to match. I am not sure who makes (or made) the archbishop. I think it originally came from a German company that I believe is out of the business, but I don’t know the name of the company.


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I had never heard the term stitchpunk before this, but I was recently asked to paint some figures from Tor Gaming. These are from their Relics range of figures, which are part of the stitchpunk genre of gaming. They may, in fact, be the only stitchpunk figures out there now, but I don’t know. They certainly were fun to paint. I just let my imagination go with them. But there was some assembly required, and that was a bit trricky on a few figures. I’m not even sure these technically qualify as 28mm scale, but that’s the closest category I could think of.

And without further ado, here they are: